No Medicine Can Change Our Thought Process, it Can be Changed With The Help Of Counselling and Therapy Only.

Dr. Kashika Jain
Dr. Kashika Jain

About Dr. Kashika Jain

Dr Kashika Jain is an internationally renowned celebrity Psychologist, Life-Coach and Counselor.

Dr Kashika Jain provides Psychological treatment without any medication help.According to her philosophy “All psychological problems arise due to change in thought process and we cannot change our thought process with the help of any medicine. Thought process can be changed with the help of Counseling and Therapy only.”

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Best Mind Doctor in Meerut - Dr. Kashika Jain

Mental Health Need

Health is an important part of anyone's life. Good health is incomplete without mental health.
Mental health has a great impact on our thinking process. It makes us feel good or bad about a particular situation.
To live a quality life, we need mental health.
Good mental health helps us cope with stressful situations more effectively.
Good mental health helps to be free from psychological problems. Like depression, anxiety, anger, stress, etc.

Mental Health Related Problems

There are several problems related to mental health such as:
Anxiety and panic attacks
Bipolar disorder
Personality disorder

Psychological Help to Improve Psychological Health

To address these issues, we need someone who is a specialist in this field.
Dr. Kashika Jain is the most recommended mind doctor in Meerut.
The mind doctor physician first assesses the individual thoroughly.
Provide a variety of treatments in the form of counseling and therapies.
They are specialists in their field and based on years of experience they advise you to manage life properly.
If you have a choice, choose the best" -Dr. Kashika Jain is one of the best mind doctor in Meerut.

Mode of Treatment

She meets the patients and do the assessment to find their problem and give them the treatment in different ways that includes counselling , psychotherapy and Mental peace exercises.


It can help people to deal with many personal problem that take place in their day to day life like anger, depression, anxiety, marriage issues, relationship challenges, abusing, school difficulties, business pressure, parenting problems, career related issues and many more things.
Counselling is of many type, like individual counselling, parenting counselling, family counselling, counselling related to education and mental health counselling.
Counselling help people to express their feelings, fear, belief, emotions and their problems to overcome from it as soon as possible.


Psychotherapy is a way to help people with a broad variety of mental illnesses and emotional difficulties.
By talking to the MIND DOCTOR IN MEERUT, you will know about your feelings, emotions, your mood swings, behaviour style and your thoughts pattern.
Psychotherapy can help people to eliminate or control their troubling symptoms so the person can function better and can increase well-being and healing.

Why Choose Dr. Kashika Jain?

Dr. Kashika Jain is a renowned Psychologist, motivational speaker and life coach in Meerut.
Her clinic is located in Mangal Pandey Nagar, Meerut.
She is Psychologist in Meerut.
She diagnoses all mental health disorders such as depression, anxiety, relationship resolution, child counseling, insomnia, dementia, mania, husband-wife relationship, child bonding, phobia, autism, addiction, stress, ocd, bipolar disorder, ADHD, schizophrenia, anger, attention deficit disorder, add, carrier counseling, weight loss therapy, and other psychological therapies.
The two best ways to treat psychological problems are counseling and therapy. Since it helps to change our way of thinking.
She believes that most mental illnesses arise due to our thought process and we can change our psychology with the help of Psychological Counseling and Psycho Therapy.

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